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Welcome Raider Readers

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Library (n.): A place in which reading materials, such as books, periodicals, and newspapers, and often other materials such as musical and video recordings, are kept for use or lending. A portal to other lands, times, and magical places. A safe haven, newsroom, and a meeting place. The Library is also the largest classroom in the school. We provide resources for all curriculums and support to all the patrons in the Raider Nation. We are here to help all of our patrons.

Be sure to check your Destiny account frequently for updates on new materials and information regarding usage, library fines, and events coming up. You can search our collection anytime without logging in, but if you login using your individual WCS computer login into the system you can do so much more. You can 1) check what items you have out, 2) check due dates, 3) make lists of items you need for assignments or want to read for pleasure, and 4) access special features like Universal Search and Destiny Quest (think a facebook meets book club).

Do not forget to return overdue items and pay off fines. Remember there is a 2 day grace period and if items not returned at the end of it, the fine is a nickel a day for every day it is late.  It is your responsibility to make sure you take of these. Doing so prepares you for the real world where you will be responsible for bills and debts incurred. Remember "For NO FINE, Return on Time!"

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