Raider 7 Students of the Month
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Tuesday, December 09, 2014
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9th grade: Luis Lara-Salas--I can't say enough great things about this student.  He has maintained a high average, helps his peers, works hard, asks questions when he doesn't understand something.  He is an English Language Learner, and he has maintained the highest average in the Algebra 1 course.
10th grade:Omar Chavarria-plays baseball, always polite, very respectful, makes good grades, tries hard in all he does, strong moral responsibilities
11th grade: Logan Teague is helpful to his classmates. He is a mentor, a teacher, a comforter and a very conscientious student. He always has a kind word and an encouraging smile. He plays hard, participates and works very hard in my class.
Double 12th grade: Abigail Salaices- works hard, tries to do what is asked of her to the absolute best of her abilities, quiet, respectful
12th: Yocelyn Flores-Outstanding student. Involved as a leader in sports and Raider Ambassadors. We can always count on Yocelyn to volunteer and complete any job she is assigned to.  
Double 9th Grade: Marc Mireles & Jacob Cantrell
1)Marc is an excellent academic. But more importantly, he is a wonderful example of a student who is conscientious, works hard, is a leader to his fellow students, keeps a cool head in stressful situations, laughs and sings for karaoke and desires to be in a profession where he can engage in public speaking. He is a joy to have in class.
2) Jacob Cantrell's house burned down, and he still manages to come to school and smile. He is not always doing so well in my class, but even so, he comes everyday and helps me and tells me jokes and makes me smile. He volunteered to be a server in our food unit restaurant simulations and did an excellent job. He also volunteered for another activity we had that put him under a lot of class scrutiny. He handled it like a champion and did a great job! He has lost everything, every assignment, every piece of work, every paper and backpack, but he comes in, albeit a little down in spirits sometimes, and manages to want to make me smile and laugh. He asks me how I'm doing EVERYDAY he sees me and always talks to me about something silly. I admire him for not giving up completely. I am grateful he's alive and still here at Southeast with us. 
10th grade: Silvia Chavez Guillen--She maintains a great attitude during class, and always completes assignments on time.  She is always willing to help others. She is currently taking double math classes, so that she can graduate with 5 math credits.
11th grade: Carina Rangel--Carina works hard in everything she does and is committed to giving everything her best. She goes above and beyond expectations in the classroom. She is always willing to give help or a kind word to a peer. 
12th grade: Bailey Palmer--Bailey is amazing. She is an ambassador, cheerleader, and a leader in drama. She is dedicated and responsible, and is always helpful in all of her classes. If I ever need something done, she's the one student I know I can ask and it will be done correctly and on time. Bailey is also one of the kindest students I've ever had. She helps mentor the underclassmen, and I'm really going to miss her bright smile when she graduates.
9th grade: Alexandra Garcia--Alex is a dedicated learner; it is evident that she strives to engage with the course material, and she consistently produces timely, organized, and thoughtful work. Alex is a joy to have in class and is the kind of student teachers always hope to have.
10th grade: Angel Rivera is a great student. He is always laughing and smiling and doesn't irritate easily with other students or with me if I get on to him about something minor. Apart from having great grades, he is willing to learn new things, doesn't take himself too seriously, and is a good classroom example of a student who takes his work to heart. I think he makes a difference in the classsroom because he never stops working. He is always ready for the next challenge.
11th grade: Guadalupe Espitia--always kind, helpful to his classmates, engages happily and with enthusiasm in class, and just now I passed him as he was walking down the hall and picking trash up off the ground as he went. 
12th grade: Tania Lopez-Our 2017 Class Valedictorian who is an outstanding student, active in several sports, and a leader in and out of the classroom. 

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